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Nathalie Daoust

Korean Dreams

Preview: Friday, 17 November, 6:00pm - 9:00pm
Exhibition: 22 November - 16 December 2017
Opening Times: Wed - Sat, 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Location: Abject Gallery, 8th Floor, Bamburgh House  

Abject Gallery is pleased to host an exhibition of hidden photography from inside the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by Nathalie Daoust.

‘Korean Dreams’, by Montreal-born photographer Nathalie Daoust, plays on the concepts of reality and fantasy - both of which recur thematically in her previous work. She travelled to North Korea, capturing scenes of one of the world’s most secretive societies. Many of her photographs are candid, and were taken using a remote trigger to avoid detection.

Daoust's darkroom method also mimics the way information is transferred in North Korea - it is stifled until the truth becomes 'lost' in the process. Korean Dream' explores identity and the way North Koreans are fed disinformation from an early age.

"I’ve learnt that things are never as they seem and that I shouldn’t judge anyone until I’ve walked in their shoes, or at least taken the time to get to know them. When I first went to North Korea, I couldn’t understand why the whole country didn’t just rise up and fight for their rights to freedom after so many years of oppression and pain. After visiting, however, I now completely understand why they can’t.", Nathalie Daoust

Nathalie Daoust
Whether in New York, Tokyo or Berlin, Nathalie Daoust has always asserted a childlike contempt for reality. With a passion for intimacy, this Canadian photographer, born and raised in Montreal, has devoted all of her art to unveiling the secrets hidden beneath the apparent stability of life. Daoust first broke onto the scene in 1997 while photographing the themed rooms of the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York. This project, her first solo exhibition, was then published into a book, New York Hotel Story.

Since then, Daoust has created several new conceptual projects that have taken her all over the world, from the love hotels of Tokyo, to a brothel in Brazil, to a darkroom in Sydney, to the dreamy landscape of the snow-capped Swiss Alps.

Her objective as an artist is to push the boundaries of photography through experimental methods. While working with new mediums and discovering new darkroom techniques, Daoust explores the indefinable realm between truth, fantasy and the human desire of escapism.

Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams Nathalie Daoust: Korean Dreams