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Oliver Doe

Body, you are not me

Preview: Monday, 2 July, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Exhibition: 3 July - 7 July 2018
Opening Times: Thu - Sat, 11:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Abject 2 Gallery, 2nd Floor, Bamburgh House  

Newcastle based transmedia artist Oliver Doe presents an exhibition of new and recent works, accompanied by a limited mini-publication, as part of Curious Festival 2018’s visual art programme.

Since 2014, Oliver’s research and practice has been centred around queer visibility and representations of queer bodies, and he has previously partnered with organisations such as Northern Pride and The Albert Kennedy Trust. His work has been developed from personal experience of queer identity and the intersections between body and identity that lie in between binaries. Oliver’s work takes transmedia forms, using painting, text, sculpture, and the found object (as well as the less well-defined spaces in between those) to explore my ideas around the queer potential of abstraction. Reduced and abstracted bodily forms explore the changing boundaries of queer bodies and the possibility to recognise the body as a site of queer sexuality.

The accompanying mini-publication includes a selection of Oliver’s new poems, which provide context for the paintings and objects.
More info can be found online:

This exhibition is part of The Curious Festival 2018.

Oliver Doe: Body, you are not me Oliver Doe: Body, you are not me Oliver Doe: Body, you are not me Oliver Doe: Body, you are not me Oliver Doe: Body, you are not me Click an image to see more