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Stuart Mel Wilson

The Full Sentence

Preview: Thursday, 24 May, 5:00pm - 8:00pm
Exhibition: 25 May - 16 June 2018
Opening Times: Wed - Sat, 11:00am - 5:00pm

Location: Abject 2 Gallery, 2nd Floor, Bamburgh House  

Mel Wilson’s works made for this exhibition - The Full Sentence, focus on the philosophical and sometimes comical aspects of life and being. The works are intended as a nod to William Blake and Raymond Petibon, the artists most fundamental in shaping Mel Wilson’s style and approach to imagery. His relationship to traditionally conservative approaches to drawing, offer the viewer the opportunity to see the absurdity in the imbalance of time and labour, directly contrasted to the object produced as a result.

This recent collection of works, created on waste studio and gallery construction material from Bamburgh House, is also a nod to Wittgenstein and his early work Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus, a text Mel Wilson believes is more like poetry than philosophy. The confusion this creates in his mind impels him to explore the visual elements of these ideas while he struggles through his dyslexia to try to make sense of the words, he embraces the absurdity of it all by using the signs and signals he sees present in the text as tools so he can create a visual representation of his understanding.

Whereof one cannot speak
Thereof one must be silent

“Leaving you with this, if I could talk in words I would, not in images, so art must say what the artist cannot”. Stuart Mel Wilson studied at Goldsmith College of Arts, London.

Stuart Mel Wilson: The Full Sentence