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Antony Royalle

Artivism is not a Typo

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
5:30 pm

Venue: Space Six, Commercial Union House

“Culture is fluid and cities are liquid, but people are sick and tired. The aim of my Artivism is to evenly distribute the idea that arts projects can inject the potent medicines which will enable sick and tired people, within liquidated domains, to push their collective envelopes towards recovery, renewal, and revolution”  Eva Tresselle. 2011.

Antony Royalle is an art historian, a social historian, an artist, archivist, curator, and amateur futurologist.  Here he looks to the contemporary moment, in particular to the diverse and immaterial practices and projects of the emergent artist Eva Tresselle, in order to excavate the founding principles of a glorious future.  Principles currently being formed and nurtured at the intersections of art and activism, it is anticipated, with the application of proper organising strategies, will connect, develop and extend into one of the most dynamic, domain-shaking, world-building, movements of the 21st century.

Within contemporary artivism are there sufficient indicators to support the idea that an artist-led, bloodless, and very British, revolution is quietly laying the foundations for the shape of our art and our communities far into the future? The contemporary art world may well be balanced at the tipping point and effectively delivering the induction workshops, and providing the nibbles at the inauguration ceremony for a brave new order of things.


Antony Royalle from The Faculty of Ert: Artivism is not a Typo