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Bea Groves

The Zimbardo Experiment

Wednesday, December 18, 2013
5:30 pm

Venue: B&D Studios

This session will look at the famous ‘Prison Experiment’ at Stanford University, and ask a fundamental question: are human being cruel by nature? This will be a chance to examine one of the most fundamental questions about human beings, and especially the nature of our behaviour (good and bad) when organised into groups.

Bea Groves has been a tutor in FE/HE since 1980, and President of the Institute of Learning (UK’s professional body for tutors/trainers in FE/ACL) since 2011. She is the elected representative of over 80,000 UK educationalists, is often seen and heard in the media, and is known for her strong views on educational democracy. Her teaching subjects include philosophy, politics, science and history (amongst others).


Bea Groves: The Zimbardo Experiment