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Beryl Graham

Curating New Media Art

Wednesday, December 11, 2013
5:30 pm

Venue: B&D Studios

Art using new media such as the internet, Augmented Reality or online social networks is relatively new on the art scene, so how are museums and galleries exhibiting such works? This lecture shows artwork by Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Osman and Omar Khan, Ellie Harrison, Susan Collins and Heath Bunting, and explores issues of interaction, participations, and the changing roles of audiences. Exhibitions at organisations including Tate, V&A, Harris Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Guggenheim New York are illustrated.

Beryl Graham is Professor of New Media Art at the School of Arts, Design and Media, University of Sunderland, and co-editor of CRUMB. She is a writer, curator and educator with many years of professional experience as a media arts organiser, and was head of the photography department at Projects UK, Newcastle, for six years. She curated the international exhibition Serious Games for the Laing and Barbican art galleries, and has also worked with The Exploratorium, San Francisco, and San Francisco Camerawork.

Her book Digital Media Art was published by Heinemann in 2003, and she coauthored with Sarah Cook the book Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media for MIT Press in 2010. She has chapters in many books including New Media in the White Cube and Beyond (University of California Press), Theorizing digital cultural heritage (MIT Press) and The ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Artwork (Manchester University Press). Dr. Graham has presented papers at conferences including Navigating Intelligence (Banff), Museums and the Web (Vancouver), and Decoding the Digital (Victoria and Albert Museum). Her Ph.D. concerned audience relationships with interactive art in gallery settings, and she has written widely on the subject for books and periodicals including Leonardo, Convergence, and Art Monthly.


Border Crossings: Curating New Media Art