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Dr Santiago Fouz Hernandez

Eroticism And Haptic Visuality In The Recent Work Of Bigas Luna

Wednesday, October 2, 2013
5:30 pm

Venue: B&D Studios

The work of recently deceased Spanish director Bigas Luna is well known for its explicit depiction of sex and its putative objectification of the often voluptuous women that populate its politically incorrect narratives. In a career that spanned over five decades with considerable commercial success, his films met head-on rape, ménage-à-trois, sadomasochism, a wide range of fetishes, sexual violence, incest and bestiality. The important role of food and eating (always associated with sex) in his films is also evocative of cannibalistic practices. His penchant for controversy and an almost obsessive visual investment in the female body has often led to trouble with the leading actresses of many of his films, most famously Angela Molina, who starred in ‘Lola’ (1985) but pulled out from ‘Las edades de Lulú’/Ages of Lulu (1990) at the last minute arguing that the final script was pornographic; or Italian actress Valeria Marini, who tried to single-handedly boycott her only Bigas Luna film, Bambola (1996), due to ‘artistic differences’ with the director.


Dr Santiago Fouz Hernandez: Eroticism And Haptic Visuality In The Recent Work Of Bigas Luna