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John Sadler

The Cross and the Crescent (LARP)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015
5:30 pm

Venue: Space Six, Commercial Union House

If we make war on their home ground against ISIS and other jihadist militias, barbaric as they are, do we become latter day crusaders. What are we fighting for? For the most part our modern society is dismal abyss of secularism, where obesity is defined as a disability rather than self-indulgence. Do we have the will for a new crusade and, if so what are the objectives. If we fight the crescent then we must be fighting for the cross or are we just showing knee jerk reactions to a specific localised problem. The murder of Lee Rigby has shown us that the war may soon be fought her and not in a distant place and that all of us might be in the frontline. Are we ready for this? If not, what are the alternatives. Can you build bridges with fanatics who behead their victims at will, who enter schools and murder innocent children. Any accommodation must equal surrender and the consequences are unthinkable – welcome to the war.

This lecture will take the form of an interactive LARP (Live Action Roleplay).

John Sadler is a military historian with some thirty titles in print – he lectured at the Centre for Lifelong Learning on military history for 15 years. He is a battlefield tour guide of many years experience having led groups over virtually all major UK battlefields, around the Western Front, Normandy, Ardennes, Berlin & Holocaust sites. He has lectured on contemporary world conflict and has looked at the role of child soldiers through history.


John Sadler: The Cross and the Crescent (LARP)