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Max Adams

Border Crossings

Wednesday, December 4, 2013
5:30 pm

Venue: B&D Studios

As an archaeologist, writer and traveller Max is attracted towards the edges of things, and by the idea of stepping out of a comfort zone and challenging the limits of both learning and endurance. This lecture is about journeys of the mind as much as it is about physical travel: from extreme walks and motorcycle adventure to plunging into a new subject; about how challenging boundaries feeds the writer’s soul.

Max Adams is a Londoner who has chosen permanent exile to the North-East. An archaeologists turned woodsman and writer, he has just published his third in a series of biographies about unconventional historical figures. With The King in the North he has returned to the Dark Ages with a biography of King Oswald, the saint who founded Lindisfarne. He is a Royal Literary Fund Advisory Fellow.


Max Adams: Border Crossings