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Tracey Tofield & The Pox Collective

Non, nous ne sommes pas les bananes

Wednesday, November 26, 2014
5:30 pm

Venue: Space Six, Commercial Union House

The Not-Lectures are a programme of 4 performance lectures curated by artist Tracey Tofield as part of the Wednesday Lectures which explore the wider concept of lecturing, education, knowledge, performance, entertainment and contemporary art practice.

Knowing & not-knowing, Culture & uncertainty (again).

You may not learn anything.

Refreshments, music, fruit.

Performance Lecture
I am interested in the very notion of lecture itself…of knowledge, knowing and perhaps more significantly-not-knowing.
The World turned upside down.

In the process of seeking for knowledge and truth we discover error, impermanence and change. We exist in an ever changing state of unknowing. No wonder human beings look for knowledge, safety, the static.

Misinterpretations, slip ups, mis hearings and readings, errors and black swan logic, failures and uncertainty.
Tracey Tofield and the Pox collective will explore and present a concoction of information, images, entertainment and er…fruit.

Andy Warhol & The Velvet Underground, situationists international, Taleb and black swan logic, Marshall Mcluhan and celebrity academics.

Tracey Tofield is an artist, researcher, lecturer and performer. She teaches Fine Art at Newcastle University. Tracey has been working as a practising & exhibiting artist, tutor and researcher for 23 years. Her praxis is cross platform & collaborative. She works in visual art, performance, music and the live moment.

The Pox collective is a movable feast of performers and artists. The live moment is necessarily time, site and person specific.

Collaboration evokes synergy- more mysterious, less controlled. Working with others -although this is usually more challenging- is often greater than the sum of the individuals involved.


Tracey Tofield & The Pox Collective: Non, nous ne sommes pas les bananes